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Black legacy of the Zasavje region

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Shapes of the Zasavje industry

There are not many places that can boast with such diverse and appealing contradictory features - in the Zasavje region they accompany everyone on each step.

Rich coal deposits have driven the region’s progress and industrialisation since 18th century and have also nurtured and moulded the modern Zasavje. Formerly a picturesque countryside was hidden behind hills and mountains, thus protected from chaos of city life. Nevertheless, it got caught in maelstrom of migrations, population growth, industrial build-up and housing development. Feeding on coal it grew in the largest Slovene industrial centre, but with closing of mines and factories it is now slowly drifting into oblivion.

Mining and the accompanying industry – glassworks, cement factories, lime kilns, chemical, machining and other industrial branches – have thoroughly rearranged the shape of valleys yet left the surrounding hills mostly intact. This is why you can see the stark contrast when urban settlements sharply change into unspoiled mountainous surroundings.

These two interwoven worlds make Zasavje unique and attractive.

Rich and diverse industrial heritage is slowly becoming a major aspect in local tourism. Lafarge cement factory is the site of a guided industrial tour where one can see new and old ways of baking the stone into cement. A visit in the Glass factory Hrastnik will reveal the magic behind conversion of solid stones into transparent heap ready to be moulded into beautiful shapes. An old machine shop in Kisovec near Zagorje houses a small mining museum guarded by a typical mining tower. Its siblings all over Zasavje are dwarfed by the thermal power plant chimney standing by the river Sava. It was constructed in ninety-seventies to reduce pollution in Sava valley. Rising 360 m up it still holds the title of the highest chimney in Europe.

Soul of the Zasavje industry

Industry left its mark not only on the landscape and population; it left an imprint on people and their souls.

World famous brass bands were created in the early 19th century and later music’s infectious influence spawned new waves in form of Laibach and the Neue Slowenische Kunst, both of whom draw inspiration from industrial milieu. Olden days are still present in numerous ethno, social and popular events, among which “Skin vault/Skok čez kožo” in Zagorje, “Nightshift/Nohšiht” in Trbovlje and “Red Zone/Rdeči revirji” in Hrastnik stand out.

Zasavje is a place you need to know!

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